Arriving in style

By Nichola English

Tips and tricks to make your journey healthier and of course set you up for a red carpet arrival...

1: The dry air on planes likes to play havoc with our hair, it certainly does with me and my friends. I always use a sprint spray that banish the flyaway and static.

2: Face wipes are an absolute god send on flights they are so easy to use. Take off your make-up as soon as the fight to avoid issues with your pores.

3: Hydration is key. Water for the inside and moisture on the outside. Use a rich face cream to keep the skin hydrated. There are many good face creams out there but Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream is my go to product for fights you can even get it in a 50ml tube! Perfect! 

4: As above, hydration is key. Now I know you’ll want to have a drink or two and why not, this is your holiday time you’ve earned it. But remember to drink some water in-between it'll helps to keep your skin plumped up. In the words of Carrie Bradshaw when offered another drink pre flight to Paris 'Oh no, I couldn't, I have to arrive impossibly fresh looking' 

5: Ah puffy eyes, what a joy you are.  If you are suffering try this simple trick and take an ice cube from your glass and stroke it delicately around the eye area then take your fingers and delicately, like your playing the piano, pat the skin for a few moments around the area. Viola! 

6: The landing has just been announced by the Captain so its time for the final prep.  Before landing, refresh you eyes with moisture drops, re-apply a light make up base and add a rose or peach blusher to the cheeks. I love a good light reflecting concealer too (works wonders) My favourite is always YSL Touch Eclat applied to the inner corners of the eye area, this will make you look fresh and awake. To finish, use a good make up setting spray, I love Urban Decay, and a natural coloured fresh lip gloss.

Now you're ready to make your airport entrance and arrive in style. Knock em dead! 

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