Overcoming cultural difficulties and bullying, surviving family tragedy, disowning and an abusive upbringing Anita Ghosal is the unshakable, inspirational founder of the Liberate Me™ brand. Anita has worked tirelessly to overcome social conditioning, limiting beliefs and self doubt to create a life she could only have dreamed of. Now she works with women all over the world both privately and corporate on Liberating women from the inside out to release limitations and create a life they love by claiming who they are - owning it, empowered and unapologetically. Releasing the need for external validation, the need to adhere to cultural or societal restrictions, to break free to find who they really are.

It’s fair to say that Anita has walked her talk and then some and I am so grateful that she has agreed to share her own rollercoaster journey with us here at The Female CEO. Are you ready for some inspiration? Read on…

So,ANITA, What’s your story?

Wow, that is a long story. In short, I am UK born Indian, this comes with its own challenges as anyone from a blended identity background will tell you. The dual identity, living up to sometimes ridiculous expectations and social pressures means that you can be damn sure that being yourself is not an option. I was conditioned to conform to a certain way of being to receive love, whether I knew it or not. As people, we pick up beliefs, identities, wounds and a tonne of BS that just does not belong to us and we quickly feel separated from ourselves like we are living a double existence (we all have this to some level no matter your background, we have all had conditioning and masks put on us to conform and often without knowing it we take on identities that are not ours in order to fit in, and receive love and acceptance but in doing that we lose touch with ourselves)

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There was always a feeling of wanting to break free but the consequences of that we’re far too high. What would people think? How could I even think that? am I a bad person? So in my culture, there was really no pleasing anyone.

In my background I was abused physically by my mum, my dad committed suicide, I was bullied, disowned and had a couple of abusive relationships. This is all happened to me when I thought I was a victim and unable to create any real change in my life. For me there had to death of the old to let in the new or the real. This is how my huge transition occurred. I realised that if I could do this then other women in similar situations could too.

Liberate me™ was born. My gift is to help women be fully liberated in all parts of their lives by getting to the root cause of what keeps them stuck - ripping it out with love, fast healing, releasing and mastering your energy to connect to the outer realms and alchemising any BS to get the precise results you want magically. You don’t need to come from such an abusive background to feel this way either, it’s all relative. Liberate Me™ gives the cure.

No comprising.

You are passionate about the liberation of women from the inside out, what’s your top tip for women reading this article who don’t know where to start?  

Call me ;)

Stop trying to not invest in yourself, thinking sacrifice, obligation, guilt and deprivation are somehow going to make things better. It’s not! This is not loving to anyone else or to yourself. Find a transformational coach, invest in yourself, know you can’t see your blind spots to get past it, know there is nothing wrong with you this is normal, you don’t need to live with anxiety and worry. It will ruin your life and it’s easy to get rid of!

As a former big player in the corporate arena, you now offer keynote speeches, retreats and workshops to businesses. How did you find your own transition away from corporate life to becoming a leading coach and mentor and working for yourself?

It was the scariest thing ever!!

I resisted it for years. Had I known what I know now there was no need to suffer like that. Suffering is very unnatural for humans (who knew we all do it so well)! I had been kicked off the corporate path by the universe many times, I had full-on imposter syndrome, working day and night and making it to the TOP of my game only to feel like, is this it?? Finally realising omg I climbed up the wrong ladder, it wasn’t my ladder it was my parents.

The key is being yourself, standing by your values, having high self-esteem and self-worth naturally and never betraying that. That’s what changed as I became a leading coach and Pioneer of Liberate MeIt was the scariest thing ever!!

I resisted it for years what an idiot haha had I known what I know now there was no need to suffer like this. Suffering is very unnatural for humans who knew we all do it so well! But I had been kicked off the corporate path by the universe many times, I was fake, full-on imposter syndrome, working day and night and making to the TOP of my game only to feel like is this it?? And realising omg I climbed up the wrong ladder, it wasn’t my ladder it was my parents maybe but not mine.

The key is being yourself, standing by your values, having high esteem and self-worth and never betraying that. That’s what changed as I became a leading coach and Pioneer of Liberate Me™ There was no bloody way I could see that coming. What I found to be critical was remembering that taking these leaps are not seemingly logical. If we stay in logic and rational thought we don’t follow intuition and that means we cannot access the magic that is our genius and our path. It takes serious healing, releasing and trust to go forth with zero evidence, only ever knowing the next step and not the next ten! That’s the problem with logic and rational thought, It’s a saboteur which ruins many lives and it’s simply not true. It masquerades as safety but in fact it’s keeping you limited and disconnected from your true self and power. The other part to this is having set standards. Deciding on the requirements for your life and having serious boundaries of what is and is not ok for you. I can tell you that before now I had none or very people-pleasing boundaries, pretty common for women! This stops anything you want in your life being manifested fully and easily. And finally, the biggest lie of all, the idea that you are powerless that you have a vision but it can’t ever happen, when you alchemise that thought and realise you have more power than you ever know it’s greatly empowering.

I now love my life. I feel free. I’m still constantly developing and there is always more up levelling to do yet the freedom I have is so incredible working just two days a week, chilling, relaxing and living in the tropics of Singapore. So whilst I would say the transition is not for the faint-hearted the rewards are massive. You just have to be brave. The simple truth is if you don’t do it for yourself n0-one else will. Period. You are an energetic match for all you experience in life. Good or bad. If things aren’t working out that can be easily be remedied in this work to supercharge your vibe and get quick results. This is why time is just an illusion and why I got to develop a 5 figure business in just three months. Everyone thought I was mad, including me! But it’s when we follow our intuition to heal and alchemise our inner demons we can defy time and quantum leap or even go into quantum flight. It’s simple physics really!


Criticism doesn’t impact me greatly anymore because no one or anything really has power over me unless i’m giving power to it.

It’s not that I don’t see it or feel it. I do, but I’m indifferent to it. I’m ok with others not being ok and know that much of the time this is coming from their own wounds, disempowered archetypes and feats that need to lash out or judge to feel power and safety. So many times it allows me an opportunity to break that paradigm for them so they can be released from that. An empowered woman will do whatever it takes to create the change they want. If someone is criticising you that means they also do that to themselves so actually it’s never really about you, otherwise, a respectful loving conversation from curiosity can unfold. See the difference?

What’s the first thing you check about your business daily?  

I don’t check in on much. I trust.

My energy is what I look after the most. So chilling, following inspired downloads, intuition and having fun plus lots of pleasure.

What’s been the best and worst things about leaving the corporate life and stepping out on your own?

The best is the utter freedom, doing what I love and feeling alive every day.

The worst? Hmm hard one. Not having anyone to hold accountable other than yourself!

If you could choose one word to describe your business what would it be?


Who inspires you?

Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, me too founder Tarantino Burke. Why? Simply because all of these women did not have perfect backgrounds, quite the opposite!! They realised that their purpose, gifts and genius come from the sum total of those experiences, that shame is a waste of time and actually healing and releasing wounds produces the gift it had for you. The remind me that you can have a level of freedom and abundance and a life of impact and riches no matter your background. It’s available to us all if we are willing to dive into ourselves.

What have you found difficult on your journey?

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Women not being brave enough to get out of their own way and do the work which will literally save their lives, their marriages and their sanity for good. It breaks my heart as they miss their truest desires, whether that’s attracting love, restoring what seems like a hopeless relationship, having a baby, creating a new career uplift or a 5 figure business in no time. In short, living in anxiety and worry which is toxic and will stop all of the things they want from manifesting. Living in suffering like it’s normal rather than feel true and utter joy at all times. It’s unnecessary. There is so much in the way of educating to be done for women to realise this. I know I had no clue before I came into this world and thought that’s just the way life was and that I should shut up and be grateful. How wrong was I? We settle too easily as women. We tend to think that’s all we can expect rather than have our big beautiful life from the inside out. We live up to expectations that make us feel trapped. Don’t do it! Your big beautiful life is available for every one of us, ever day.

What’s your top tip for our awesome female entrepreneurs reading this article?

  • Start your business now. You don’t need any more certifications. Your genius and magic pull now when you start not before.

  • If you’re already an entrepreneur, ditch the strategy and logic completely. I work with female entrepreneurs on their energy alignment because nothing will work until you are energetically aligned to receiving it. Then it will come in fast and in bucket loads with very little hard work.

  • Doing less is more. Relax, take care of yourself and learn all you can about energy marketing and selling. Forget the logic and blueprints, your way is the right way, trust your intuition and yourself fully. If not, in reality, you are closed for business energetically.

If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you go?

Ibiza! Ha ha, I have travelled a lot to so many fancy places. But it’s Ibiza and I love partying! Total party girl, so I reckon I would be in my element.

What’s the number one played song on your iPod?

Emili Sande - read all about it (it’s the reason I started my business. All about finding your voice and living your truth no matter what)

What do you know for sure?

That everything is always going to be ok and we are abundant in every way.

Worrying is a royal waste of time.

Do you have a book or favourite podcast recommendation for our Female CEO members?

Feel the fear and do it anyway, Susan Jeffers changed my life!

How would you like to be remembered?

Carefree, liberated and fun!!!

If you want to know more about Anita you can visit her website, or if you want to join her Liberate Me™ Private Members Club over on Facebook you can do so here you can also join her brand new 5-day Energy Clearing and Activating Soirée to kick anxiety in the butt here