Have you checked in lately on what you're grateful for?

The attitude of gratitude may sound simple but believe me it can make all the difference. If you want greatness then its time to start looking at what's already great, only then can the universe begin to bring more of it to you. Together we're going to dive into the subject of gratitude and what it can do for you. 


What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve
— Napoleon Hill


what are you grateful for? 

Gratitude for me has become a mindset, a consistent gentle practise every single day and I have learned to love it. It wasn't always this way though. I learned about gratitude practise about 5 years ago, and suddenly it was everywhere. People were talking about it, entire chat shows dedicated to it and Oprah was endorsing it by the show load.


the seven day gratitude challenge 

In order to truly appreciate what we have, it's important to look around us and take it all in. How often do we actually do that? This seven day challenge is intended to do just that, answering the prompts daily for seven days will remind us of what we have to be grateful for and therefore allow more of the good stuff to come to us. You can do it publicly or privately, the important thing is to actually do it! Click the button to start the challenge..

Gratitude Exercises to try

tips and tricks to maintain a grateful heart and mind

if you want to happy, be grateful

The one thing all humans have in common is that each of us wants to be happy, says Brother David Steindl-Rast, a monk and interfaith scholar. And happiness, he suggests, is born from gratitude. An inspiring lesson in slowing down, looking where you’re going, and above all, being grateful. Viewed some 6,450,950 times Brother David Steindl-Rast talks here about the gentle power of gratefulness.