Alessandra Maderni, global entrepreneur, visionary and co-founder of one of the worlds largest floating music, arts and culture festivals chats to me about living her journey and how she is encouraging others to do the same. 

Alessandra Maderni is everything I think of when I hear the words Female Entrepreneur. From our first conversation, despite being thousands of miles apart,  I could feel her passion and drive when we discussed her really quite incredible Shipsomnia brand. It was of little surprise to me then, when I read her answers to our Q&A session together and I learned of her tenacity and drive in the notoriously tough and male dominated entertainment industry.

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Eurasian, half Italian and half Thai, born in Rome, Alessandra was just 24 when she entered the world of entertainment, opening her very own nightclub in Thailand. She quickly learned that she had found her passion in life and discovered her talent for branding & marketing. Utilising her business strengths she was able to work to her advantage and co-found an entertainment company, organising festivals alongside global brands such as Bacardi. That was until a military coup in Thailand forced her current project to a sudden end. Rather than be deterred, Alessandra became even more determined to succeed and set out to show the world what could be done. She was to take her talents to an international level.  

'After years of experience in the industry and as an entrepreneur, I decided it was time to show the world our talents and started to conceptualise Shipsomnia. Personally, I love the whole creative process and setting the stage for people to just let loose and have a blast'

So, with just $2,000, a business plan and a whole lot of determination Shipsomnia, the first ever music festival cruise to run successfully in Asia and Europe was born. The core of the brand was to be the telling of a story over the period of a vacation. In this case on board a floating music, arts and culture festival, revolving around mythical legends of the seas, set in a steampunk era. However that's not all, Shipsomnia carries a far more serious, underlying environmental message to its 'Shipsomniacs' bringing into focus massive issues such as dumping of toxins into our oceans, global warming and overfishing. All issues that Alessandra is hugely passionate about. 

In just three years Shipsomnia has gone from an idea between its co-founders to one of the worlds largest floating immersive arts and music holiday experiences as well as a lifestyle brand with the core message of #livethejourney. Shipsomniacs are encouraged to live their own journey, never stop dreaming, learning and exploring. Alessandra describes it like this; 

We’re part of an exciting generation where for the first time information has no boundaries and no place, person or goal is out of reach. Our mission is to inspire and empower millennials to live the life they want to live and embrace every step along the way. Through interviews, clips and stories on topics including travel, work, fitness, food, music, style and art we’re highlighting many aspects of how Shipsomnia lives its journey and hope to play a little part in encouraging others to start living their journey today

Expanding horizons visually, musically and culturally is all part of the experience offered by the team, Shipsomnia is not just a vacation, its an immersive experience with a powerful message to millennials to live the life they dream of. 

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When I ask Alessandra of her highlights in her Shipsomnia journey she doesn't hesitate and tell me about when they were able to close down an entire Island for their guests to enjoy on Phuket. It wasn't easy, with lots of logistics involved she freely admits, but that's part of what she loves, the challenge of pulling off something you never thought you could and the immense satisfaction from seeing the end result and witnessing the enjoyment it brought. 

Shipsomia is currently generating millions in sales worldwide with guests from over 70 countries, covering 3 different continents and 5 different cities & eight cruises and Alessandra unsurprisingly, isn't stopping there. When asked about her next ventures she tells me that she has some big news coming but can't quite reveal it yet, personally I can't wait to hear what it is but whatever the big reveal is to be, I know I won't be surprised. Alessandra is one of those women who you just know can pull anything off. Its one of the reasons I was so on-board (pun intended) to chat with her about her business and her own journey, passionate with tenacity and perseverance, she is the embodiment of the Female CEO message. The woman who believes in herself and can do anything she puts her mind to. Not only that but she is encouraging people all over the world to do the same through her brand.  

Now, that's just fabulous.

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You can read Alessandra's Q&A session here. You can also visit Shipsomnia's Facebook and Twitter pages for more information.