Daughter, granddaughter, friend, mentor, speaker, author, lover of all things that sparkle and mother to Rockstar and Bella (The cats) 

I'm Tricia and I am the Founder & Editor of The Female CEO, a community of awesome women coming together in support and empowerment and setting a new trend for female entrepreneurs across the world.


I have worked with the most gorgeous and awesome women (and men) from all walks of life both as the Female CEO and in my previous role as a business coach and mentor. I've climbed the corporate ladder from data input assistant to Company Director in one of the largest Estate Agencies in my city, I've managed teams of staff and learned more than a little bit about balance along the way. Over the years, I've found that watching people come together and work through their struggles as well as celebrating their wins is the ultimate game changer.

I know, first hand, that working as a solopreneur can be lonely, that's why these groups and support systems have become a lifeline to many. The mantra? 'You are never alone here'

When Iā€™m not working I can usually be found on the beach, writing, listening to podcasts and dreaming up new ideas or spending time catching up with friends drinking coffee or cocktails, I always have sunglasses in my hair, I use the words 'I love you' frequently and laugh until my stomach aches and my mascara is ruined (this happens a lot!!)

Laughter is indeed the best medicine