By Susan Smalley

I can write forever, about a trillion things connected with my day to day work with clients.  Vast experiences in Intuitive Life Coaching, Mediumship, Reiki Healing, Crystal Therapy, Energy Visualisation Meditation, Tarot Consultations, Public Speaking, along with my tutoring students in Tarot, Psychic and Spiritual Development and Healing, and all the rest of my lifetime dedication being of service to Spirit.

Because I am a quirky Aquarian, instead of writing about my work, I thought I would approach this article from another angle. So here it is.  A glimpse into another side of me.

A day in the life of Susan Smalley, Author.

When I awoke this morning, I knew I had the whole day ahead of me. I had planned this day.    This is my second trip away ‘on my own’ since becoming divorced.    This is planned time, to travel out for special moments engrossed in soul healing.  I love my own company and more especially at this juncture of my life, as I use all the skills and tools from my own repertoire of spirituality and psychology. 

Timeout for me. 

Solitary and special time for me, given I am always surrounded by people.   Family, friends, or clients.  Lots of people inspired daily on my social media forums and website.  Visitors to my home, online via internet, and new circles of friends across the region, UK and globe.   All seeking my skills, advice, teaching, inspiration and motivation.   This is my time, and I shall enjoy!

It is March and we have just experienced the most amazing new moon on 6th.   A Pisces new moon which brings in fun, renewed power, high energy, positivity and glowing illumination on those things that you wish to increase, empowering your goals and dreams.   Not only the new moon energy highlighting all areas of your life which needs tying up, endings, closure, but the surge of new opportunities, contacts, circles of friends, new business acquaintances, rekindling of family connections and lots and lots of love and respect for your own soul.    A shimmery, shiny new moon.

Well, it is true to say that I have certainly encountered much over these past sixteen months, all which have given me more and more love and enrichment this year, in appreciation of my life and love and all that involves.  Glowing and glistening, despite the demise of my status as married.  Regardless of the energy expended in coping strategies with situations that shall be outlined in my new book.

Mentally made of steel, my mindset is unshakable, and as such, coupled with my deep intuitive self, I actioned a change that would be heart-wrenching, yet necessary.   A transformation of lifestyle that would test me beyond measure.   Yet, positively glowing and expectant of  joy, I have plans. The morning clouds hung low my home, yet with buzzing excitement, I raced off into Northumberland.  There were tiny slithers of golden sunlight peeking through the clouds as I drove up into the beauty of the coastal region that is my second home.  Heading up the road with a few things packed, books, laptop and paper, of course, there must be paper!  Lots of it, and pens, of every colour!  

There is something magical about the coastline at any time of year, but more so now, when beaches are empty, tourist spots are quiet and souvenir shops have closed for the winter.   The more remote the better.  A clear expanse of space in which to step and soak up the ambience.   This is my space and I enter in with growing excitement, as upon every occasion when dancing in the starlight, a shift occurs.  A deep soul transformation.  

I have lost count of the number of daily visits, weekend jaunts, week long adventures, and spiritual retreats I have enjoyed, with husband, friends, ladies upon my spiritual workshops and solitary healing sabbaticals.  From the first ever visit, as a young child, for the entirety of my life.  Those first salty sea air swims beneath the towering magnificent Bamburgh Castle, on picnics with my cousins, aunt and uncle and across all rolling years, totalling in over half a century.  In all that time, never have I made seven visits to Holy Island, but the past year saw me cross the water and return with inner healing and hurt washed away like a miracle, affording me strength and joy to get through the year.  Only months ago, as I enjoyed basking in the sunlight on the mound of Alnmouth, I nearly drowned.   Crossing at the seemingly calm point of the estuary, the sea pulling me under in deep currents and shifting sands that were dangerous.  My body submerged to my neck, - and my first concern?   To save my mobile phone!  I wish you could have seen me, all terror at being pulled beneath the surface, with one arm held bolt upright in the air, clutching my mobile phone.   No one around to save me.  A calmness came upon me, and I somehow balanced my right foot upon a smooth, slippery surface beneath me.  Calmly, speaking to myself to stay focused as I glided forwards to the other side.   Bedraggled and sopping wet, with salty seaweed wrapped around my ankles, I folded forward and laughed out loud.  What an experience.  I trudged my soaked body along and up the dunes to reach my car.  Where, luckily, I had a change of clothing and a towel to sit upon as I journeyed on to sunny, sparkling Warkworth.  

I have loved every encounter with the natural beauty and breath-taking sunrises, sunsets, campfires, singing, dancing on sand, and being surrounded by hundreds of butterflies during last year’s Soul Rising Spiritual Retreat with my group of ladies; and the promise of another return ‘soon’ as I leave each time, for home.  My heart and mind tucking those memories away into tightly packed pockets to pull from and surprise me, at some place and time of need in my future.  I am brilliantly propelled at equipping myself with a repertoire of both sultry and sunny experiences that uplift and inspire, nurture and protect, and shine throughout my days.  

The weather clung to Durham Castle and Cathedral remained dull and hazy yet the sun’s abandoned efforts to dampen my plans, now trailed behind.  I enter into the winding country roads that spared me the heavy motorway traffic, just north of Morpeth.   I always prefer to take the scenic route.   The dark grey canopy of thick clouds now sitting on rooftops, rivers and stone built cottages, which greet me as I bend around the roads carrying me towards my favourite places.   The memories are as expansive as the ocean kissing the coastline and I recall everyone of them, as I now make new memories for me to revisit in my future.  This would be an exhilarating time. I could feel it.

As a spiritual mentor, living as privately and mindfully as I can, I know the importance of self-respect, self-love, and self-nurturing.  There will always be dips and lows in life, and there will always be recovery and rebirth of self.  I love life and every tiny bit of synchronicity  

Synchronicity, what does it mean to you?  How have you encountered synchronicity lately?  Do you believe in coincidence?  How are you feeling aligned to your soul purpose?  If you are baffled as to how, then I can help you shift your mindset and emotions into being totally present and embracing of life.  

I have loved every encounter with the natural beauty and breath-taking sunrises, sunsets, campfires, singing, dancing on sand, and being surrounded by hundreds of butterflies during last year’s Soul Rising Spiritual Retreat with my group of ladies; and the promise of another return ‘soon’ as I leave each time, for home

To me, synchronicity is the higher consciousness of the universe letting us know, with little signs and symbols, that we are in alignment, flow, spiritual currents like a river running through our world, and yet carrying us at the same time.  Keeping us buoyant, preventing us from drowning in the dismays that push us low beneath the surface of balance.   The healing balm, once immersed in nature, that flows through every cell of our auric field helps to uplift the emotions, nourishes the mind, purifies the heart and inspires the soul.  

At lunchtime, I stopped for a light bite at of one of my all-time favourite little cafés, adjacent to a river, upon the side of a bridge in Northumberland.   Nestled in the corner, upon a cushioned seat in the hubbub of bustling energy of this popular venue, I sit amongst a group discussing the whole of the region’s golf courses, and a little light amusement escapes as they speak about the region’s football prospects.  Delicious homemade tomato soup, cheese scone and a pot of strong English Breakfast tea will keep me going until this evening.  

I shall dine immediately across the road this evening, on braised rack of lamb, with duck roast potatoes and steamed vegetables.  My room overlooking the river, having a freestanding white porcelain bathtub right in front of a long Georgian style window, overlooks the rapid flowing waters.    Stone cottages line the riverside, beneath the church of a Saint and his angels, which towers over all inhabitants of this coastal village.  I know I shall immerse myself in the joy of relaxation with bubbles overflowing the tub and that Pisces moon and planet Uranus pulling me forward into the next phase of my life.   Apparently, my birthchart indicates that a new phase until 2026 begins this week and I can honestly say, I totally feel that energy!

Parked up on the narrow street of Alnmouth, rain bouncing off the pavements, I duck into the cafe that has always offered a welcome hug in an ambience of warmth, strong spicy aromas and freshly brewed coffee.  Thick sliced butternut squash cake accompanied by frothy flat white, I sit and speak with the owner of one of the most amazing bistro cafes, on the coastal route, which has always been a ‘must’ to pop into.   It is empty but the log burning stove is fully ablaze and my seat is perfect for writing another chapter of my book, the book I began to write on 4th February.  Two days after my birthday.   Words flow, my head down inside them, and a clatter of cutlery from the kitchen startles me.

The owner of the establishment, Andrew, approaches me to ask what it is I am writing, ‘my memoirs’ I reply. I am writing a book.

He shows interest, ‘Oh, in what respect?’    I briefly outline the nature of the book.  We continue to speak about the time of year, weather, where I am staying this evening, and I compliment him and his wife on their incredible cuisine.   As I pay my bill, I wish him well, ‘goodbye!   He pipes up “you will have to drop me in a copy of your book when it is published”.    I turn and smile.  “Yes, I will”.

 I love the energy of the coast, it inspires me, and never fails to heal.   A natural healing energy that is limitless for everyone to dip into.  Priceless.  Limitless.   The ocean pulls me towards it, and I clamber down across the hardened winter dunes, packed solid with mischief, and step onto the dull damp sand.  I am not the only one on the beach.  Three bodies hang onto dog leads with twisted faces and gasping breaths.  The dogs too, rasp for air as the leads are yanked tight, stopping them from being blown across the sand.  Their feet sodden wet and sad expressions.  It’s no fun for a dog out on a beach in rain and blustery sea breeze.    Two ships on the horizon like magnets pull my eyes towards them.  The sky bounces off waves that are dark and moody today.  I spend half an hour or so breathing in the healing balm, filling my lungs, letting the sea breeze carry away past hurt.

All my life my soul has moved through phases of learning, and all the while remaining tremendously strong, secure and smiling!   A happy soul and one who is immensely grateful for all the respect from others in the field, and beyond.

Clicking my seatbelt tight, I start the engine, pull out my book and write another chapter.  Pouring the words down as the pitter patter of rain on the roof of the car sound like an old Olivetti typewriter to set out my pace.   I see the café owner in my mind’s eye.  His words follow me, as I switch into gear, turn the car and head up the road.   It is raining heavier now, spray from wagons and cars on the motorway lead me off route into Alnwick, some nine miles away.  

I reflect upon the past four years of my life and will treasure those years forever, yet not suspended in grief by them.   Teaching others how to let go, release, restructure and refocus, is part of my daily repertoire with clients who are stricken by relationship splits, deaths, ends of careers, health issues, financial struggles and loss of homes.   In my experiences, I am qualified to give expert advice and counselling in my services, given I have had personal insight into these areas, not just once, but over and over.  How amazingly successful is that?  All my life my soul has moved through phases of learning, and all the while remaining tremendously strong, secure and smiling!   A happy soul and one who is immensely grateful for all the respect from others in the field, and beyond.

Barter Books is filled with readers milling about the vast array of second hand books, it always is.  I have never visited this place and found it to be empty.  Everyone is drawn inside to spend an hour or two or three.   I need a little warmth and know of the space near to the roaring open fire.  Stepping in, every table is fully occupied.   Within the far room, I see a lady sat down in the now packed waiting room.  She occupied a table for four.  “may I sit here?” I ask her.  “well, you can, but I am expecting a friend to arrive to dine with me over a business meeting” she replies, reluctantly agreeing for me to take the unoccupied seat.   I leave my books and go to grab a cappuccino.  When I return, her associate has arrived and is tucked in near the window, to the side of my books. 

I put down my cup on the table and she exclaims “oh my God, you have just been to the Running Fox in Felton, earlier today, haven’t you?” 

“I have, sorry…   I don’t recall having seen you” I smile, bemused at her recollection.

“Oh, I remember seeing you enter, with your bright red pashmina and red lipstick, I watched you as your scribbled in your journal  - what are your writing?”

“memoir  -  how coincidental that you should also be here, sat right next to me?”

Her friend sits perturbed.

“I know, I know, oooh, what kind of memoir?” she asks, a little puzzled by the coincidence.

“well, personal, about my life, my work …  but it will be published”

“oh, do you mind letting me know when it is, I would love to read it”

“well, here you are, my business card, I am sure when you both see who and what I am, you will be even more eager to read my book”.

“wow! Thank you, yes, definitely, thank you”.

I walk away into the columns of books stretching the entirety of the old railway station, and chuckle inside.  World Book Day!  Synchronicity indeed.   

Later that afternoon, back at the riverside, I pull up outside the hotel, unpack my luggage, and step inside.   Taking a seat in the alcove, on a soft grey velvet sofa, I order a pot of tea. Plonk down my luggage in the corner and drop into the warmth of the lounge.  Laptop and phone to my side, pen in hand, journal pages eagerly demanding attention, I begin to write for an hour or so. 

I write you too, this article.    

Outside evening drops in through the windows transforming the mood in the now candlelit restaurant.

“Erm, excuse me, we need your table for a reservation – would it be possible for you to move through to another table?” asks a very apprehensive waitress.  I move, as yes, I am happy to site in a quieter part of the restaurant so that I can write in peaceful retreat.  Directly adjacent to the bar, I can hear the banter of all customers and the kitchen door is ahead of me, with their very own ‘masterchefs’ prepping, slicing, dicing, and stirring all sorts of dishes. Someone begins to sing “That’s amore!” in an Italian accent.   That’s definitely a happy chef!  The aroma of his creations beginning to make me hungry.

Just then, two ladies, from the group who were earlier sat next to me further around inside the hotel bar, having asked me to take photographs of them celebrating a special birthday, enter in my space and tentatively enquire “excuse me, we weren’t disturbing you, were we?”

“oh no, that table has a family reservation and I knew I had to vacate the table in good time for it to be dressed ready for their arrival” 

“oh, that’s ok, we were worried in case we were too loud for you”

We chatted a while and they asked me “what are you writing?”  and when I explain to them “memoir”, they ask for my name, they will keep an eye open for news of my book being published.  They want to read it.  

How this solitary silent soulful retreat has me in alignment, immersed in crazy synchronicity, wouldn’t you agree?

Especially given that for the past month I have been encouraged to let others know about my writing, about my being published soon.  You see, over my lifetime, words have never escaped me, I write with a passion, with colour, and it seeps into the pages, from all of my insights, psychic, spiritual, psychological.  Emotional, mental, physical.   A rollercoaster ride with thrills and spills, and within this next year, you will find me on the bookshelves.  Drop me an email if you wish to pre-order a copy!

Or, perhaps my book will somehow arrive with you, having been gifted to you by someone you know? 

Are you confident in synchronicity!?

With much love and blessings,

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© Susan Smalley & The Female CEO - March 2019

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My name is Susan Smalley and I am a life discovery coach and mentor.

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