By Melissa Jones

As a fitness entrepreneur its easy for me to keep fit, after all its my business! I do however understand that I can be difficult to add something else to your busy schedule but trust me, its so worth it. Many clients I speak to say they just don’t have the time. And I always ask, what’s your favourite tv programme? I’ll soon learn that many people spend 2-3 hours on an evening watching TV. Ah, so you do have time? It’s not about time its about whether you are making it a priority, if it matters you will MAKE time. And I suggest you do, because it can do so much more for you than losing a few lbs. it can impact your life in hugely positive ways, and here’s how it can positively impact your business too!

Exercise isn’t just about appearance, its about what it does for your mind, energy levels, feeling of self worth and what it can do for you whole life in general!

Here are my top 5 for how exercise can boost your business…

Number 1 - Improved energy. The more you move the more energised you’ll feel. Have you ever just lay around all day and felt totally exhausted even though you’ve done nothing, or think about how tired you feel when travelling and all you have done is sat all day? Our bodies and Brians literally crave movement, the more you move the more energised you’ll feel. The more you move the more energy your body needs to produce hence the improved energy levels.

Number 2 - Boosts productivity. When you exercise you are increasing the blood Flow to your Brain, which can sharpen your awareness thus boosting productivity. Did you know that exercise can actually slow down the rate you lose brain cells, keeping your brain younger for longer!

Number 3 - Improves your mood. when you exercise you releases endorphins, which is called the happy hormone. You can literally exercise your self happy! And if your mood is improved you will be calmer and more patient. Plus happiness is infectious and your happiness will rub off onto others around you. Win win!

Number 4 - Helps you focus. Exercise improves your brain in the short term by raising your focus for 2-3 hours afterwards! So if you want to really get focused on a task, do it after a workout! 

Number 5 - Contributes to overall positivity with those around you. When others see you taking care of yourself and making healthier more positive choices it can have a positive impact on others. You will be more energetic, happy and productive and people will want to know your secret, let them in on what you’re doing, encourage your employees to keep active too, which will totally change the atmosphere in the office. Get together and do a 20 minute workout together at lunch, or go walking (you can speak to me about streaming workouts in the workplace) create incentive around living a healthy lifestyle.

Give it a try for yourself. Try for 2 weeks and see how you feel, see how your business is positively impacted and how other areas of your life are affected too! There are so many benefits to exercising regularly, so take advantage. I would love to know how you get on so be sure to drop me a line over on Facebook or Instagram!

With much love and motivation,

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Hi I’m Melissa and I am a Mama, passionate fitness advocate and coach. My Passion is helping women to believe in themselves and achieve personal goals through fitness and mindset. If you’d like to connect or have any questions, please reach out – I’m here to help.

Why did I become an at home coach? I have always had a passion for fitness and loved going to the gym. After I had my daughter, I was unable to get into the physical gym (clingy baby, breastfeeding mama) so I had to find another way to continue my fitness journey this journey has allowed me to fulfil my dreams and I want to help you to do the same thing.

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